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Jan 7, 2013 4:00am EST
going into 2013 and 2014. having said that, we don't see this as being the biggest issue and certainly in continental europe and perhaps particularly in the periphery where the growth outlook has been most negative over the last few months and quarters, it probably hasn't been the biggest constraint. so we don't really see it as a game changer either in credit creation or in growth or the prospects. >> it's been suggested we should ripped up basel and start again. do you have any comments on that? >> andy's conversation is one that resinates with those of us who work in the financial industry. we live in a world of great plexty and regulation. having said that, i do also think that the idea of rules can govern a complex gibson, intellectual appealing and problems. we do need to have rules that contain some of the allegations and successes that we saw over the last date. i think right now the key is to get the balance right. but at the same time, doesn't choke off credit creation. >> it was interesting this morning, do you see a little comparison between the u.s.? one of the things he t
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am EST
forecast, 1.35. we don't see the -- lasting in euro/dollar. more on sterling, more on the yen. i think we're moving away from the fixation about euro/dollar. and it seems strange that everything is saying that the ecb or european politicians aren't able to do anything. and so i think we'll have to watch europe very carefully. but i think the break-up risk is coming out of the market. >> yeah. it appears to be the case. and we have something to watch today in spain, as well. it's the first bond auction of the year for the al beeran company. the treasury is slashing the debt market up to 5 billion euros since 2013. lloyd's expects a positive results with the first take up. it will be the first issue to feature a collective action clause, designed to make it easier for the government to restructure debt in the case of future crisis. and president obama is expected to make the final touches to his second term economic team today. cnbc's john harwood has more on the changes coming to the u.s. treasury department. >> president obama has already filled out the members of his national security te
Jan 9, 2013 4:00am EST
was expected. but as i say, it's a long road. >> for sure. we don't really get into the thick of earnings season for a good couple of weeks this time around. charlie will stay with us. and we are later going to discuss what's going on with boeing's dreamliner flights. just now, japan's all nippon airways has canceled a domestic flight due to brake problems on a boeing 787. comes amid a spate of similar reports. we'll have more detail and explore the story further in the next hour. >> we don't know whether that means they couldn't take the brakes off or put them on. >> we need more detail. and despite recent mishaps, japanese carriers appear to be standing by boeing at least for now. japan airlines says it has no plans to drop orders for the 787 dreamliner jets. it ordered a total of 45 aircraft including seven in operation. all nippon airways which placed orders for 66 dreamliner jets also says -- it has said it's sticking with its purchase. >>> staying with japan, the bank of japan is reportedly considering further monetary easing this month. according to reuters' sources, we might see t
Jan 11, 2013 4:00am EST
don't think that's anything to worry about? >> no, i don't think that any actual move by china towards further easing of monetary policy is actually good for china or the world. what the world really needs from china is an economy that is robust. and we saw evidence of increasing robustness in the economy particularly with the import number yesterday. the imports picking up suggests that the chinese economy is seeing a strengthening of domestic demand. >> how about the restocking? pardon me? >> quite a bit of restocking in that trade number. >> well, yeah. i mean, there is a little bit of restocking. i need some help with this. but -- could i have some help? yeah. there is an element of restocking there, but the important point is that exports are doing rather well and exports and imports are normally strong. so the fact that exports are beginning to do well and are likely to do a lot better in the march to june period this year means that there is greater scope for china to focus on the medium term reform as spengts. if exports do well, then there's less need to stimulate domestic dri
Jan 8, 2013 4:00am EST
, though. >> two days. >> yeah. two days. >> then it's onward. >> anyway, look, we're here. i still don't know what time zone and country i'm in. >> there was snow, right? >> there was. it was beautiful. >> on today's show, we hone in on samsung in seoul. i'm all frufterred because you're back. the electronic giant will expand its lead over apple this year. >> and we've got our chips in. and we'll head out to las vegas for the latest on the consumer electronics show. >> the trade deficit widens to its largest level in five years. >> and we'll get the latest from wall street on just how happy a new year bankers are likely to have. >> i hope it's not that happy. some will be okay. generally speaking. >>> now, the greek prime minister anthony samaras is in germany to discuss angela merkel. joining us today, james sokin. how are you? >> good morning. very well. thanks. >> nice to see you. >> and we should kick off our discussions. we were going to ask you about what's happening across europe. now we have samaras and the greek prime minister saying we are looking at optimism. and athens is d
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5